Shot Glass Checkers

checkers board with shot glasses

Chess and checkers are well-known board games that are not often associated with drinking or parties. That has all begun to change as the party scene begins to flood with alcoholic versions of classic board games.

Shot glass chess and shot glass checkers are played with the same rules as the traditional board game, except for the part where you drink whenever a piece is taken by another player.
Manufactured sets are beautifully designed with frosted, or etched game boards. Even the shot glasses for the opposing teams are separated by color, shape, or clear versus frosted glass.

The shot glasses for checkers are generally standard shot size, while the chess sets have varying shapes and sizes depending on the piece that they are intended to represent. Capture a pawn and your opponent is forced to take a small drink. Capture a rook and the amount of liquid may be nearly double that of the pawn.

One important factor to note is that, though the name implies a shot must be taken, these games are not intended to be played with straight liquor. In order to prevent complete belligerency, players often fill the shot glasses with portions of beer, wine, or diluted liquor (mixed drinks).

If you are unable to locate, or purchase, a formal shot chess or checkers set it would not be difficult to create a DIY version on your own. Bulk orders of shot glasses can easily be found online or in any major party store. A single checkered board can be taken from a classic game set, or handmade, and will suffice to play both games. Labeling, or differentiating, your pieces can be done with glass paints or waterproof tape (electrical or duct).

While many drinking tournaments, or challenges are easily won by bulk consumption shot chess or checkers is a fun, and unique, way for party goers to challenge their minds and test the overall skills of their contenders. When looking for a new game to add to your list of drinking entertainment, sometimes it is best to look back to the classics.