Pub Crawls: A Non-Stop Night of Barhopping Fun

When large groups plan a night out it can often be difficult to determine which bars to visit in order to receive the best prices, entertainment, atmosphere, and of course to keep the party lively.

Pub crawls are the ideal way to organize a large group of people into the perfect nighttime drinking extravaganza. Pub crawls, in their most basic form, are a glorified version of pre-organized barhopping. However, in some locations they come with benefits that make the task of planning the event well worth the effort.

Many pub crawls have an ultimate purpose such as fundraising or team building activities. Often times, participating restaurants or bars will make a donation to the cause, provide discounted drinks and food to members of the crawl, or allot portions of that night’s proceeds to your group or foundation. In return for a guaranteed number of sales, determined by the number of participants in your pub crawl, bars and restaurants often encourage participation of these groups in order to drive up their overall sales and draw in potential return customers.
There are three main steps for planning a productive pub crawl.

The first is to organize a list of bars or restaurants that you plan on visiting that night. Planning the most efficient route between these locations will ensure that you can optimize your party time versus travel time.

The second step is to ensure that you have safe, and reliable, transportation. Participants of the pub crawl often provide a registration fee that goes toward the rental of a bus or group of vehicles that will ensure that your drinkers get safely from one location to another. A better option, if you have access to an urban downtown bar district, is to plan a pub crawl that can be completed within walking distance. This means that your group will travel on foot and if anyone chooses to stay behind at one location, they can easily catch up with the others later on in the night.

The final step is to ensure that all members of your pub crawl group are easily identifiable by bar and restaurant staff members so that they are eligible to receive the discounts that might not be available to nonparticipating patrons. Generally, organizers of pub crawls provide brightly colored T-shirts (also paid for by the registration fee) that advertise the event or cause. This can also be achieved by giving members wristbands or large buttons to secure to their clothing. Whatever item you choose to use to identify the members of your group, it is essential that you ensure that the participating locations are able to recognize the items.
Pub crawls are a lively, and entertaining, source of adult fun that keep your members engaged and excited throughout the night. The opportunity to move from a low-key atmosphere, to an energetic club, to a karaoke bar, to a piano bar, and every other type of atmosphere in between means that you are able to satisfy the needs of every member of your group. Providing them a list of the anticipated stops means that they have a timeline and the anticipation of future locations.

Overall, though pub crawls are often overlooked as a regular source of entertainment, primarily due to the planning requirements, they are a great way to bond a large group of people and activate them toward a goal or a cause! Here is a neat video outlining how fun these can be.