The Amazing Game of Ladderball

Ladderball is one of those staple lawn games that every party goer, or tailgater should know. Not only is it simple to play, but it is one of the few that can be broken down into a small travel bag for easy transport.

The equipment consists of an interlocking set of pipes or dowels that create a 3-tired ladder. Two ladders placed across from each other are the targets of the game. In this way, it is similar to the popular bean bag toss game called cornhole. Rather than bean bags, however, participants are given 3 bolas to toss in an attempt to wrap or hang them on the rungs.

family playing ladderball in the yard

Each set of bolas is colored to represent the teams, usually red versus blue. A bola is a piece of string with a weighted ball attached to each end. By tossing the bola with various techniques, players are able to spin, grab, or wrap their bola around a ladder wrung. Some players are even able to use a bola to knock an opponent’s scoring bola off of the ladder, and therefore eliminate their points.

There is no right, or wrong, way to toss the bola. Competitors are encouraged to be creative in their methods. Even bouncing the bola off of the ground is a permitted, though risky, technique.

Scoring is identical to cornhole. Teams, or individuals, play to 21 points. The players on a single side alternate their tosses. This allows for strategies of both offense and defense. Once all six bolas have been thrown, the score is tallied.

Though the value of the rungs can be alternated in order to create more, or less, difficulty during the game, the standard rules claim that the top rung is worth 3 points, the middle worth 2, and the bottom most rung worth a single point.

Each team’s bola points are added and the difference becomes the score. This means that with each flight only the team with the most accumulated points will add their score toward the goal of 21 points. If bola points are even, for example if team 1 had 3 bolas on the bottom rung and team 2 has one on the uppermost, a tie of zero is declared and the turn passes to the waiting teammates.

This is an entertaining game that is certain to liven up any party, barbecue, or tailgate. While older crowds often turn it into a drinking game, with the losing team each round required to drink, it also makes a fun family game. Moving the targets closer together allows even young children to participate. The next time that you are looking for another game to add to your list of events, pick up a ladderball set and toss up a good time! You can view a ton of different game sets, cornhole boards and other tailgate games in this shop. Have fun!

Jell-O Shots

Mobile parties are some of the most difficult events for which to pack and prepare. Tailgates, camping, golf outings and boating are all situations where it may become too difficult to lug around multiple coolers, bags and boxes of supplies. Generally, it is the bulkiest items that get scratched from the list first. For this reason, traveling party goers often forgo liquors and mixers that would have been used to make a variety of tasty drinks.

Many people assume that, in these situations the easiest solution is to stick to beer, wine coolers and individually bottled beverages that are easy to grab and require little to no preparation. This is only effective if liquor is not your drink of choice. If you are not interested in taking straight shots as your only option, and don’t have the luxury of traveling with a full bar including mixers and citrus wedges, what are your options? The solution is simple: Jell-O shots.

Jell-O shots are an easily portable solution to the liquor drinker’s needs. They can be gathered into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and loaded inside of a cooler, passed around the crowd, tossed back and forth, or even be used as a tasty enticement for a group shot.

Preparing Jell-O shots is as simple as making the traditional nonalcoholic Jell-O treat. Choose your favorite flavor, a variety of colors, or one flavor for each person. You will find that the flavor of the gelatin remains strong, despite the presence of alcohol.

Begin by following the package instructions. Bring water to a boil and dissolve the gelatin. It is important not to use alcohol in this step as the shots do require at least fifty-percent water in order to solidify. Jell-O shots that do not set well can become a sticky mess that you do not want leaking inside of your cooler. Once they have gelled, however, the treats hold their form for quite a long duration.

Next, the alcohol is added in replacement of the cold portion of water. Vodka, or clear spirits, are most often used in Jell-O shots to preserve the vibrant color. However, this step can be completed with any liquor of choice. You may choose to replace all of the cold water with liquor, or only a portion. Measurements can be altered to your taste preference.
Finally, the liquid is dispersed into a collection of small, disposable condiment containers. These can be purchased in large quantities at any major grocery or party store. Be sure to choose the small plastic cups with matching lids. Each Jell-O shot must have a lid to prevent them from sticking together.

As the cups and lids are small, they can be easily overlooked during clean-up. The most effective way to prevent littering is to replace the lid and return the empty cups to their Ziploc bag, cooler, or another designated trash container.

Once the gelatin has cooled, place the lids on each individual cup and you are ready to party!
Jell-O shots are a fun way for a group, or individuals, to enjoy a mixed drink on the go. While they do require prior preparation, they are well worth the effort. Include them in your next party or tailgate and watch as your guests enjoy the whimsy of a childhood treat, with a grown-up twist. If you want some great recipes, this site will help.

Flip Cup: A Relay-Race for the Entire Party

When gearing up for a tailgate party, there is nothing better than a little competition to liven up the atmosphere. While drinking games, such as beer pong and cornhole are popular team activities to keep your guests entertained, many groups often forget about the fun and excitement of an old-fashioned relay race.

A modern twist on an old tradition is a game that is commonly known as Flip Cup, though it sometimes goes by alternate titles like Flippy Cup or Tippy Cup. Flip Cup is a team drinking game that has no limit to the number of players. This makes it an excellent option for groups that have larger numbers of willing participants, or competitive crowds.

The premise of the game is the same as any relay race; the first player must fully complete their task before the next teammate may begin. This rule continues down the line until the final teammate has the opportunity to complete their task. Two teams compete and the first entire team to finish is declared the winner. When applying these rules to a drinking game it becomes obvious that the task to be completed is centered on the consumption of alcohol.

Flip Cup begins with the teams lining up along opposing sides of a long table. If there are an odd number of players one may stand at the head of the table to begin the match, though this person will participate as a judge rather than competitor.

Next, each player will face one opponent from their rival team so that the pairs are matched in the order that they will participate in the challenge. The last person in each line, usually referred to as the anchor, is generally the player with the most skill or ability to excel in the case of a close race.

The match can begin in either of playing flip cup at a partytwo ways. One method is with the judge completing the challenge alone. At the point that the judge’s cup has landed in the proper position, the teams may then race to begin. The other option, in lieu of a judge, is for the first members of each team to tap their cups together. This ensures that both sides have declared that they are ready.

The first part of the challenge is to consume the entire contents of the cup, usually a red Solo cup. The cup can be filled with each member’s drink of choice, however, it is generally ensured that all cups are filled with the same quantity of liquid. If multiple rounds are planned, it is suggested that the cups are only partially filled to ensure that the fast-paced game can be maintained at a realistic rate of alcohol consumption.

Once the individual has emptied their cup, it is then placed on the edge of the table with a portion of the cup balanced over the ledge. Using one hand, the player must then tap the bottom of the cup in such a way that results in it flipping over and landing with the open rim down on the table. This may take several attempts. Only when the cup has landed face-down, may the next player commence to pick up their own cup. This action repeats down the line, with both sides racing each other, until a winner is declared.

Flip Cup is an energetic, group game that is ideal for competitors of all skill levels. The teamwork and rivalry are the perfect components for any lively party or tailgate. Large crowd, or small, it is certainly an effective way to involve the entire group in your alcoholic entertainment.